CEM sets itself apart with the wide range of experience working with both government agencies, not-for-profit associations, and corporate offices.  CEM associates have many years of experience in the following areas:

Venue/Site Selection:
CEM conducts a search of the cities identified by the Client and prepares a city analysis report that rates selection criteria such as approximate travel costs, per diem rates, travel time and airline travel accessibility.  CEM will perform a site inspection of all properties in each city and prepare a report outlining the pros and cons of each venue.  This is necessary to ensure the overall condition of the venue is acceptable and the meeting space capacity and floor plans are accurate. 

Contract Negotiations:
CEM develops a list of meeting specifications based on the preliminary conference agenda.  The meeting specifications include preferred dates, required meeting space and set-up, intended food and beverage requirements, and approximate number of sleeping rooms and rates.  CEM can conduct all contract negotiations and, in most cases, renegotiate concessions to be more competitive with the other proposals received to obtain the best value for the Client. 

Communications, Marketing and Outreach:
CEM will work with the Client to develop a conference marketing strategy to ensure that participants are kept up-to-date on key deadlines.  Marketing materials will be posted on the conference website and be distributed electronically to limit the amount of printing.  CEM’s graphic design specialist coordinates directly with our Clients to ensure the cohesiveness and quality of all conference materials.

Onsite Collateral Materials:
As part of the meeting plan, CEM along with the Client will determine the printing needs, such as conference programs, agendas, attendee lists, signage, name badges, maps and directories, poster and exhibits directories, evaluation forms and other informational materials.  CEM will review, copy, and edit all meeting materials and signage prior to first draft and final approval provided to the Client.  CEM has extensive experience in designing and producing numerous printed conference programs for government meetings. 

Website Design & Management:
CEM has extensive experience designing, implementing and managing websites for conferences.  CEM will review and prepare documents for posting on the conference website or Client webpage as necessary.  If requested, CEM will design and implement a conference home page, with links to appropriate pages.  Past websites have included the following pages:  welcome page, registration page, Call for Topics/abstract submission page, program/agenda page, agenda-at-a-glance page, hotel/venue page, travel/transportation page, contacts page, and FAQ page.

CEM will design and create an online registration website to meet Client’s requirements.  Our online registration provides attendees with a printable confirmation/receipt, and an instant reply email confirming their registration and receipt of any payments made. Our online registration system has capabilities to collect breakout session preferences, dietary preferences, track continuing education credits, if required, and other information as requested by the Client.  CEM also has a process allowing for easy on-site check-in and printing of on-site badges.  Daily attendance numbers are collected and can be provided to the on-site coordinator.

Exposition and Demonstration Areas:
CEM has extensive experience in the marketing, sales and management of exhibits for government Clients, as well as not-for-profit organizations.  CEM will meet with the Client to identify goals and objectives for exhibits, and will design a marketing plan to identify, attract and secure qualified exhibitors.  We will create electronic marketing materials to promote the sale of exhibit space and an exhibits webpage detailing important exhibits information, a current exhibitor list and floor plan.  In addition, we will follow up electronic marketing efforts with telephone marketing to ensure maximum participation.

Coordination of Video Taping:
CEM can provide video production and recording services for general session presentations.  We have experience coordinating with Clients to make Conference presentations/sessions available through interactive webcasting.  We will work to ensure that approved videos are posted online and attendees are sent a URL to access the appropriate webpage.   A web archive will also be provided as requested by the Client.

Coordination of Audio Visual Needs:
CEM has extensive experience coordinating A/V and speaker presentations.  We have a long-term, professional relationship with several A/V providers, guaranteeing quality equipment and technical service.  However, we have also successfully worked with government furnished equipment and technical support personnel to reduce conference costs. We will provide guidelines, along with a power point template, to speakers and presenters to ensure readability, conformity and continuity; we will collect presentations either in advance or on-site; we will coordinate with the Client to ensure approval of content and presentations; we will coordinate and supervise loading of presentations on conference computers for appropriate sessions/tracks.  In addition, CEM will ensure that all meeting rooms are checked each day before the morning sessions and before the afternoon sessions to guarantee the A/V equipment is operational and the presentations are loaded.

CEM can provide security for all Conference events, as required by the Client.  All registration personnel can verify identification at conference check-in and badge checkers can be available for general sessions, breakout sessions, and the exposition and demonstration area, as required by the Client.  CEM can also ensure that around the clock security is provided throughout the exhibit and conference space.  All on-site staff shall be easily identifiable at all times while on the conference site by their badges and distinctive attire.

CEM has extensive experience in implementing sponsorship programs for conferences and exhibits.  We have not only expanded existing sponsor revenue for Clients but have managed the start up of several new programs as well.  For several government Clients, CEM has identified and exploited sponsorship revenue as a source of support for conference events and activities, providing benefits to both conference organizers and attendees, and to exhibitors.
CEM will work with the Client to develop a marketing strategy and sponsorship levels, as required by the Client.  CEM will coordinate all logistical arrangements and payments to the facilities for such sponsorships.  At the conclusion of the conference and exhibits, CEM will provide a final report, to include the sponsor database, final list of sponsors, financial reporting, and any collateral print materials.

On-site Support:
CEM’s experienced and seasoned conference staff provides all levels of on-site support to ensure the smooth execution of Conference events.  Services provided include a pre-conference meeting with the hotel and associated vendors; work closely with hotel to monitor guest room accommodations; assemble conference materials and supplies; setup a registration area and register attendees; monitor and modify facility requirements as on-site needs dictate; check conference room sets and audio visual equipment; provide general support to facilitators, speakers, attendees and exhibitors; provide welcome memos; and review set-ups and food function specifications.  CEM staff will also monitor all meeting rooms to ensure that important details are taken care of such as temperature, lighting, and speakers’ presentation requirements.  We can also provide a speaker-ready room and/or a message center for participants.

Conference Evaluation:
CEM will develop a conference evaluation that will provide the necessary information and feedback to evaluate the success of meeting the conference goals and objectives.  In keeping with our environmentally-friendly practices, CEM suggests the use of a web-based evaluation/survey tool that captures immediate feedback electronically and can be easily manipulated and analyzed.  CEM has used this electronic evaluation/survey tool successfully with several government meetings that were interested in using Green alternatives versus hard copy evaluations. CEM will provide an analysis of the evaluations both electronically and in hard copy.


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